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Functional foods for sport and performance

Sportyfood is a range of foods designed for athletes oriented towards functional protein and low-carb nutrition to improve performance and body recomposition.

It is the first line of protein and low-carbohydrate foods:

- to be added with active ingredients (creatine, carnitine, MCT, HMB and glutamine)
- able to satisfy the nutritional needs of athletes from breakfast to dinner
- to combine taste with the athlete's needs

SportyFood consists of three lines:

Power - Bakery Functional Food: foods enriched with creatine, suitable for power sports or for workouts aimed at increasing muscle mass and strength.

Plus - Cookies & Chocolate Functional Food: foods with carnitine and HMB. Carnitine is indicated in all endurance sports for its function of transporting fatty acids, while HMB is a derivative of leucine with very important anti-catabolic properties (counteracts muscle wear). In addition, the plus line is suitable for those who want to undertake a path aimed at reducing body fat.

Strong - Pasta substitute Functional Food: these are pasta substitutes with a protein content of 60% and with the addition of glutamine, an amino acid that promotes recovery from physical efforts and muscle cell volumization.

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Some products in our catalog: spaghetti high protein, shortbread with carnitine, muffins with creatine.