Research and development

The heart of the company lies in the R&D department led by food technologist Osvaldo Legnini and composed of a team of highly professional specialists constantly updated both in terms of nutrition and food production technologies, able to find immediate solutions to the continuous demands of the scientific world.
Each formulation is carefully studied and designed by this department, which proposes new ideas and finds new solutions thanks to a continuous direct and personal dialogue and to a careful and updated understanding of scientific needs.



When the company began producing the first foods it encountered a series of difficulties related to the lack of a bibliography on the precise methods for making products with an excellent taste but with unique nutritional characteristics.
Thanks to the passion for work and a great determination, today we can boast a unique know-how and a series of innovative machinery adapted to the different rheological characteristics of the active ingredients we use.

Logistics and Warehouse

Integrated logistics is spread over an area of over 2000 square meters and deals with all organizational, managerial and strategic processes within the company, from supply to final distribution of products.
Warehouse robotization guarantees accurate and rapid processing of national as well as international orders.


Technical-scientific training

The company employs a technical-scientific staff capable of imparting the notions - from the simplest to the most complex - related to the scientific nature of the products, the concepts on nutrition and the ketogenic diet in the various fields of medical application.
The courses are given both to internal staff and to external partners and collaborators through the organization of webinars or scientific events in attendance.

Marketing & Advertising

The marketing department is made up of a creative staff of graphic designers and social media advertising experts who relentlessly propose new branding and communication strategies in the various information channels to support our partners by creating content and images suitable for the individual needs of the country of marketing or of the distribution channel.


Customer care

The relationship with the customer is the key to a lasting relationship between the company and the people, especially when the support is not limited to order management but extends to technical information and to the most appropriate use of the food intended as a tool within a specific food path.