Balance your diet


Foods for low carb diets

FeelingOk is a range of foods with a Mediterranean appearance and taste, but with a revolutionary nutritional composition, suitable for those who follow a diet with a reduced intake of carbohydrates (low carb diet) in search of well-being and fitness without sacrificing taste .

Made with no cereal flours and no added sugars, Feeling Ok consists of two lines:

- one characterized by a higher protein content, but low in carbohydrates, suitable for all those who have to start a path aimed at reducing body weight. The presence of noble proteins is in fact essential to keep muscles toned and metabolism high.

- one characterized by foods with a higher content of dietary fiber, adequate noble proteins, but with a reduced intake of carbohydrates. This line is suitable for those who follow a longer food path or for all those who need a balanced protein intake.

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Some products in our catalog: croissants, cocoa bar, savordok biscuit.